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Beautiful children's accessories for the over 3's at very affordable prices.

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  • Party and dressing up

    Girls Party and dressing up accessories from Mia's Accessories, Chester, UK.

    Princess tiara's, wands, masks and unicorn head bands for every little girls fantasy dressing up party fun.

  • Purses & Bags

    A wide range of coin purses and bags for children. Snap clasp or zip fastening we have a wide range of little coin purses for kids including a range of amazing novelty animal face coin purses. Including Cats, dogs, strawberries, butterfies and unicorn princesses.

  • Necklaces and Sets
    Childrens necklaces and hair sets
  • Headbands
    Childrens Alicebands & Headbands. Plastic or metal alicebands and elasticated fabric headbands.
  • Elastics and Ponios
    Childrens Elastics and Ponios
  • Girls Sleepies Hair Clips
    Sleepies hair clips for children. Our range of 'click clack' sleepies hair grip slides in designs popular for children. Not suitable for under 3's.
  • Clamps
    Childrens Clamps
  • Back to School
    Back to School hair accessories
  • Grips
    Childrens Grips
  • Bracelets
    Bracelets for kids.
  • Girls Hair Clips
    Childs hair clips
  • Unicorn Hair and...

    Unicorn princess hair and fashion accessories ideal gifts for little girls this Christmas. A wide range of hair clips, head bands, key rings and purses all with a unicorn theme in a variety of lovely colours.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 333 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 333 items